The Perfect Books for Kiddos with ADHD!

Are you ready for your kiddo to have success reading and enjoy it at the same time?

I see posts on Facebook and Instagram of my friends’ kids reading thick books like Harry Potter for fun in their own time. That’s just not my kiddo, and I’ve learned that it’s ok! My son can learn to read and enjoy it at his own pace.

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I have found that fluency is better developed when kids read material they can understand and be challenged without reaching their individual frustration level. That’s what these books I’m here to write about do! They are well written stories in short 1 – 3 page chapters with a picture mystery at the end of each chapter for your kiddo to solve! I love them, because my son is having success reading and enjoying the colorful picture mysteries at the end of each chapter. The reason they are so great for kids with add and/or adhd is because the chapters are so short, giving reluctant readers a realistic and achievable goal rather than overwhelm.

I have my son read to me each day, and because the chapters are so short, it’s easy to fit into my schedule and he is compliant knowing the short amount of time it’ll take. Daily reading with my son has made him a better reader, allowed him daily success from completing a chapter each time we read, and given us a routine to spend time together working on his reading fluency in a fun, predictable way.

My kiddo is just not the kiddo that’s going to pick up a book and read it on his own. If you have one of those in your family, and you’d like to read with them in a fun, manageable way that fits in your schedule… check these books out here: Solve them Yourself Picture Mysteries for KIDS. My kiddo and I love them! We started with Legend of the Star Runner.

reading, adhd, add, dyslexia, autism, literacy

Any time reading with your kids will always be time well spent.

Happy Reading!

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