Welcome to Insightful Kids!

Hi, I’m Candice. I’m a proud mom of a 9 year old boy, and he’s my greatest teacher… as most kids are. I have a background as a natural health practitioner and educator, with credentials in Elementary Education, AASI, BodyTalk, Reiki, and Spiritual Coaching. Back in 2008, I produced the documentary The Future of Medicine to share the power of natural health and healing with the world. Here’s a pic of me with my kiddo enjoying the lake this past summer.


Soren and me.jpg

My passion since a young age has been personal development. I loved inspiring people even as a kid in sports, bringing up my teammates and helping them believe in themselves. I remember saying, “I know you can do it” so many times to friends and teammates alike. I also really love health and wellness and education.

We have such an awesome opportunity to help our kids know themselves and become the best version of themselves. Self mastery for kids is just that. Helping kids become aware of themselves, their feelings, their thoughts, and giving them tools to sort it all out. It’s about empowering our youth so that they don’t have to spend a lifetime undoing the piles of unprocessed emotion and programming they received at a young age.

I’m working on more books, and I’m available for workshops and speaking engagements. I hope to see you and your kiddos in the future! In the meantime…. this video is one that every parent must watch… It’s on the power of our mind with tips to help your kiddos today! Enjoy!

Lots of Light to you and your family,