How to Have Problem Solving SuperKids

Problem Solving is a Superpower

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Introduce the Superpower called Problem Solving

Talk with your kids about how things arise in life that we may consider problems, and that everyone encounters these problems. Be sure to let them know that it’s very normal and while everyone’s problems are different, everyone does face the same challenge of how to handle their problems.  Then let them in on a little secret… which is: this ability to handle problems is actually a Superpower that anyone can have… and it’s called Problem Solving! And, the best part is, the more they practice their problem solving superpower, it will grow and get stronger… and soon they will be able to solve any problem that they face in their lives. Ask them how they like the sound of that.

Teach the 6 Steps to the Problem Solving Superpower.

When a problem arises…

  1. STOP! 3 deep breaths. Count to 10.
  2. Decide what the problem is.
  3. Brainstorm Solutions.
  4. Make the best choice.
  5. Do it!
  6. Didn’t work? Start over.

Those are the steps. Simple right? Well, some kids need the coaching before problems arise so that they can handle them appropriately and even come up with solutions themselves. My son is one of those. So, go over these steps with your kids and practice them with your kids, especially on small problems like forgetting something at the grocery store or running late. The more you practice the steps, model the steps, and coach them with the steps through their problems; the more they will become second nature for your kids. Have fun with this! Remember, every time there’s a problem, you want their mantra to be… “I can handle this… I’m going to use my problem solving superpower!” This helps them focus on what they have control over, and empowers them to handle their problems.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat… and Your Kids will Have Awesome Problem Solving Superpowers!

Happy Parenting,


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